Saturday, September 20, 2008

Temp Home

As of this past Thursday we have moved into a temporary home. It is exactly like our old home just across the street. The base has filled it with furniture and all the kitchen goodies we need. It feels like we are staying in a huge hotel room/house. It is really a blessing because Zack’s mom and my parents are coming this week to visit for Moriah’s first birthday (crazy that she is a year!) and we were stressed about where to put them. Well, we now have room. The three bedrooms have beds and dressers so they can just stay with us in the temp home. We are hoping to hear something any day now about what kind of mold is in our home. They have already torn open the ceiling, cleaned the mold with bleach, put mold retardant on, sealed the ceiling back up and painted. An air sample and a mold sample were sent off to a lab for testing. Once the tests get back we can see exactly what was growing and if it is safe to live in our home. If the mold was toxic we have to seek a new home, since toxic mold can cause severe health problems and permeates the home. All the carpets have to be replaced and the entire home has to be bleached. If it was just regular mold the worst that would happen is we have allergy and respiratory problems while living there. It will not cause permanent damage and my OB assures me that it is safe for the little baby inside me. So if it is just regular mold we get to move back home and just give everything a good scrub down to try and get rid of as much of the mold spores as possible. Thank you all again for your prayers, sorry updates have been slow in coming. We don’t know anything yet and the temp house doesn’t have Internet. God has truly provided for us during this time of displacement and we are trusting He will continue to do so as we find out exactly what is going on with the mold.

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