Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Organized!

So, here is a look at how I spent my morning. The entry way in our home has been somewhat of a disorganized mess since we moved in a few months ago. I have tried doing things several different ways and the end result is ALWAYS a mess that poses a tripping hazard. Shoes and jackets and gloves and hats would inevitably end up all over the hallway. Here are pictures of before I gave our hall a makeover.
There is only one basket for all of our shoes.  The result was when searching for a pair all the shoes on top got dumped out onto the floor and forgotten about.  The hooks for the kids jackets were not in a place they could get to easily (the baby car seat was in the way, and they were too high) so they would just throw their coats on the floor and I would have to come behind them and hang them back up.  The coat rack was falling apart.  After many moves and years of use, it was on it's last leg-literally!  Plus, it was encroaching on the bathroom door (to the right of the coats) and on more then one occasion a jacket would get caught in the door. 
The hall closet was a hiding place for whatever I needed hidden.  Curtians, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, shoes-you name it and it was thrown (no really, it was THROWN) in there.  So, this morning I got to work.  For just $25 here is what I did:

First I started with the shoe issue.  I bought three of these babies at Walmart for just $5!  Now the kids have one, I have one and Zack has one.  Now, if Mo needs a pair of shoes there is a smaller bin to look in and it is much easier to find pairs.

Next, I tackled the closet.  Now, i know what you are thinking.  Hey, this picture doesn't look much different then the before pic-but let me assure you IT IS!  I re-purposed some metal shelves we had and put the baby car seat, diaper bag, and our boots on it.  I placed all hats, gloves, and scarves in the bin where they belong and emptied this closet of things that didn't belong (camera equipment, blankets, and a huge plastic tote).  So, yes it is still VERY full, but we need all the storage space we can get and it is much more organized now.
Here is the finished hall.  Isn't it lovely?!  I picked up new coat racks and placed them at a height Mo and L can reach, got rid of the old coat rack and replaced it with a matching adult size of the new kids one.  Now, this may seem like an easy thing, but I was really proud that I measured, drilled, anchored and screwed them in all by myself and they are sturdy and most importantly, level.  I finished off the new hall with one of my favorite photos (it was taken by my honey at the place of our engagement!)  Now, I feel peaceful when I enter the house or walk thru the hall.  I just love it!  It was a good productive morning.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

I have been trying to dwell in the positives this past week.  Choosing to think on things that make me happy.  So I made a list of things that just make my heart smile. (*DISCLAIMER: these are just a few of many things that make me happy, not the only 7 things that do.  I am merely trying to give examples.*)

~ sunny, breezy balmy weather when I can open up my house and just enjoy the fresh air

~ fresh cut, sweet smelling flowers on my dinning room table

~obedient children


~ a completely clean house

~ yummy smelling candles lit about my house


Upon reflection, I realized that, while I am grateful when these things happen, and yes they do make me happy, I can not hang my contentment on them.  In thinking on these things and trying to stay positive, I really got discontent this week.  The weather didn't cooperate, I do have flowers on my table but for a few days I did not, my children have most certainly disobeyed this week (and I have had to discipline them by myself), if I eat too much chocolate my health (and weight!) will suffer, my house has been a wreck and because of my curious, in-to-EVERYTHING kiddos I have not lit any candles this week.  Last but not least, my sleep has been taken from me.  My little sweet Se has wanted to eat every 2 hours of late.

So, where does that leave me?

Exhausted and unhappy?  Yes and yes.

It is so very easy for me to get down this time of year.  The winter seems to drag on and on (the snow day this week is proof of that!) and I am getting less and less sleep (not sure what is up with my 6 month old).  But, there is one thing I can ALWAYS turn to to lift my spirits.  I keep thinking of the verses in Philippians.

"Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!  Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you." 
Philippians 4:4-9

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Auntie Irene

My sweet 99 year old great, great, aunt is no longer with us. My mom called this morning with the news that she passed away in her sleep early this morning. She was such a special lady to me. So generous and giving. As a child, I remember her bringing me donuts and treats, and as an adult she has supported me on mission trips and given Zack and I special gifts for our home. Since having children she has bestowed them with amazing trinkets from her (many of them ones she has had for years). And boy was she sharp as a tack! For being 99 she was more with-it than some people my age! Between her and my grandfather there was always plenty of laughs when we were together.  I love her dearly and will miss her, but I know she was ready to go.
It is times like this that make it even harder to be far from home. I wish I could be there for her service and for the family but it is not possible right now. So, I will reflect on her life from afar and consider myself blessed to have been able to see her as often as I did.

Snuggling L and Mo in 2009
5 Generations!  Amazing!
I love you, Auntie Irene!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty Nights

Mondays are the official craft nights around this house.  This is a new development that has come about with the change in my hubby's job.  Nights I would have been spending with him, I now find myself free.  So, Monday's have been dedicated to tapping into my creative juices.  My mom was recently here and we teamed up to make some crocheted bows for the girls.  I love how they turned out!  I will continue to post things I have made and projects I am working on.  I might just change my Monday posts to be "Made by Me, Mondays," so check back to see more craftiness!
On the agenda tonight-handmade birthday invitations for Levi's second birthday!  It is coming up quick and I need to get a move on.  He had a hard time choosing between having a VeggieTales party or a Thomas party.  Thomas won out in the end and he is SO excited for his "Tomas Pa-dee."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Se is Six Months Old!

My beauty of a 6 month old is now sitting by herself, rolling everywhere and eating solids.  Where does the time go?  She is such a happy, easy baby.  She smiles very quickly but is rather hard to get to laugh.  I am positive she has said "mama" in reference to me a few times and continues to babble tons of other sounds.  She is a good napper but could use some help in the whole sleeping through the night area (if she follows in Mo and L's foot steps, that wont happen for another year).  She is such a sweet blessing and it is hard to believe she has already been with us for 6 months, and equally hard to believe she hasn't always been with us.  I love you, sweet Se!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Tears

 I am finding myself prone to cry lately.  This is a very NEW thing for me.  Now, don't get me wrong, I can shed a tear.  I have been known to cry when extremely angry, during movies, and when pregnant.  What is odd is that recently I have been weepy when I am none of those things.  I blame it on the amount of stress I have been under, but for whatever the reason, I am learning to embrace the tears and have accepted that I am just more sensitive right now.

That being said, you will find this story that much more impressive.  I think I might have experienced the worst mailing catastrophe EVER this week.  My hubby requested I mail a few things for him.  Normally this would be fine, but for some odd reason, nothing was easy about this package.  From the start, the list of contents was a challenge.  Not only did I need to run to the store to purchase a few things, I had to search through the mess that is currently our craft room (it hasn't been organized since we moved-yikes!) for guitar equipment.  Thankfully all those hours of half diligently listening to my hubby talk about his guitar equipment paid off and I actually knew what most of the things on the list were.

Once said items were gathered, I placed them in a laundry basket, for carrying convenience, and arranged for a friend to watch the kids so I could go unaccompanied to mail the package.  I arrived at the UPS store to discover that they could package and mail my things but could not insure it, since it would actually be shipped USPS, because of the location of the destination.  The UPS guy was extremely helpful and packaged up my items in one nice and secure box, then proceeded to offer to put it in my car.  SCORE!  Off to the USPS I went.  Insurance was a must for this high valued box.

Upon arriving, some nice service men saw me carrying this huge box and offered to carry it in for me.  A true blessing, except for the fact they kept calling me mam.  I hate that!  Anyway, they no more walked in the door of the USPS and the lady behind the counter very rudely stated the package was far too large to mail.  WHAT?!  I didn't know there was a size restriction, and no need to be rude about it.  I kept my tears at bay.  The nice men awkwardly stood there wondering if they should stay and carry the box back out to my car.  It was amusing really, that they didn't leave until I told them it was fine for them to go.  I worked it out with the rude lady and she agreed to mail the package, except not priority.  That means it will take at least 6 weeks to arrive at its destination.  Oh well.  I filled out the necessary forms, paid and left.  The nicest thing the lady said to me was "Have a good day" when I was leaving.

I am VERY proud that I didn't cry (especially with the rudeness and craziness factor) and SO thankful that my kids weren't with me, because I think that would have been the straw that broke the dam that was holding my emotions in check.  Needless to say, there is my very long tale of how there were no tears!!  Yay!  I might be returning to a normal emotional state, I'm so excited!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cha Booty!

My kids are thrilled when they are naked.  I find it weird and I am praying they grow out of this, after all, we are trying to teach modesty.  Anytime we change clothes you can count of Mo in her sweetest voice asking, "Mamma, can I have 5 minutes of naked booty time?" and Levi running around screaming, "Cha booty, cha booty!" while dancing his little heart out (mind you there is no music-just a naked baby running around dancing wildly).  IT. IS. HILARIOUS!!  So, while I am praying that one day this obsession with being naked ends, for now, I am enjoying the cuteness that is our nightly Cha Booty time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will You Be Mine?

Here is a look at how we spent our gorgeous Valentine's Day!

 Good Friends
 Excited Kids
 Handsome Boy
 Her first Valentine's Day!!
 Getting Crushed Snuggles
 Outdoor play
 Yummy food
 Handmade Valentine's to give away
 Sweet Sisters
 A Picnic
 Yummy Treats
 Craft Time
How I felt about the day-I LOVED it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Our Anniversary!

Seven years ago today, I married my best friend and love of my life. I have never regretted it. My hubby makes our life fun and interesting. He loves making the most of what we have and where we are, which has translated into us being able to go to some really amazing places and do things that I never though I would do (parasailing in Hawaii, shark diving in Korea, scaling the great wall in china, taking a helicopter ride to see the waterfalls in Hawaii, mountain climbing in Cali, seeing the grand canyon, hanging out on beautiful FL beaches, I could go on and on). Life with him is an adventure, that has just gotten better with time.

Now, our greatest adventure is raising our three kids together. Seeing my love as as a dad has deepened my love for him. He is such a great daddy. The kids love him for his fun nature, ability to play (and wrestle!) and for his loving discipline. I am so blessed to call this life mine.

Thank you, honey, for a great seven years. Thank you for giving me my dream of being a wife and mother. It's not always pretty or perfect but I couldn't ask for a better life, than with you and our kids. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us. I love you forever, my favorite!

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine." 
Song of Solomon 2:16

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How He Loves

It has been amazing to see and feel God's love the past couple weeks. He has been meeting my needs before I even knew what I needed and it has caused a TON of reflection on my part.

I have discovered that I am prideful-yikes! When others have offered me help previously I have always refused it or felt guilty for needing it. Why, you may ask? Why would anyone turn down any help? After really digging deep I realized this was because I thought I shouldn't need help. I should always have it all together, right? I should be helping others and have the perfect life, right? Uh, um- pride, pride and more pride!

Recently our family has been under an extraordinary amount of stress and change. At first, I fell into my old habit of denying help and struggling to keep it all together myself. The help we did receive was forced on us (now that's great friends and family-ignoring my protests!) and followed by the feeling of guilt and inadequacy.

Thankfully God in his grace and mercy did not stop sending help my way and he completely changed my perspective. I am now SO THANKFUL for all the people who have stepped forward and are supporting us. It has been a blessing to see the body of Christ at work. What a privilege it is to have an up front view of peoples strengths and willingness to love on us.

This past week at church we sang a song that is quickly becoming a favorite for me. Oh how he loves me. He sees my family's needs and is meeting them. It AMAZES me. How he loves.  When I think about how true that statement is, it brings me to tears.  He loves me.  Not just that he does, but he acts on it.  I can see and feel his love for me in the simplest ways.  A phone call from a dear friend at just the right moment.  A text with words of encouragement.  An offer for babysitting.  A mom who flies out frequently to help out.  Three kids who have been adjusting incredibly well to all the changes.  People, whom he has placed in our lives, who are on their knees for us.  The offer of meals, help cleaning, help shoveling snow, I could go on and on!  Oh, how he loves.  

For now, where we are, I am going to graciously and gratefully accept the help, knowing that is season will pass. 

For now, I will rejoice and praise God. For his goodness. For how he loves.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Blog!!!

Roll out the red carpet: I have a new blog- ha! It's really the same blog, new name, new purpose, new design-still same me.

For the past few months I have had a huge blogger identity crisis, if you will. For my few followers you have seen the decline in posts. I just had no desire to blog, which led me to ask myself the question of why I did it. I came up with an answer that surprised me. I did it to keep up with the times. Other moms and friends of mine had one and so I should too, you know, to keep up with them. To post all the great and cool things my little family does. No wonder I didn't feel like blogging. Things got busy and it was one of the fist things to go. I wasn't really writing for me.

So, I started wondering if I should just stop blogging. Is it worth my time? Do I want to give people a real glimpse into my life, or was I only posting the good- portraying my family as only part of what we are? And the answer again surprised me!

Yes, I do want to keep blogging for these reasons:

~To keep up with what we do. I want to have a record of the many adventures we have as a family. Where God takes us and how faithful he is. One day I want to be able to read my blogs to my grandkids and laugh historically at the stories of our life, cry when we remember the sad times, and do the crafty tutorials together.

~To share the funny stories of my kids with family and friends who are far away. I think blogging is a great way to keep them up to date on us.

~To be a light in the blogging world. Admittedly, the majority of my posts will be the funny, cool, and exciting things that happen but I promise to be real. I will also be blogging about my struggles and lessons I'm learning. Yikes! I have to say, I am a bit nervous about putting myself out there for the world to see but, hey- here's to keeping it real and in the process, praying it helps someone else.

For security reasons I changed the name and URL of my blog. Previously our family's name was used. After talking it over with my hubby, I felt like I needed a name change and make over.

Why "Propelled by Love" you may be asking. Well, I thought long and hard about me and who I am, why I do the things I do. All I kept thinking is that it's because of love. The love Christ gives me gives me reason enough to keep going but he has also blessed me with a wonderful hubby and three amazing children to love. What I do is for the love of them. On days when being a mom of three, three and under, is tough (um, everyday), I remember that love and press on. I'm propelled by it!

So, my few avid followers, you can look forward to more frequent posts by a blog writer who has found her blogging mojo!