Monday, September 22, 2008


That is the name of the mold in our house. The health inspector assured us that we can move back in. We do however need to watch and see if we have any adverse reactions to this type of mold and get tested for any allergies. As I stated in my last post we have no internet right now so as he was telling me this over the phone I couldn’t just look up that specific type of mold. After Zack got off work we went over to a friends house to use their internet and found out that this type of mold is linked to causing lupis, cancer, and scoliosis. Yikes! So we are still praying about what to do. I talked to Moriah’s docotor this morning at her one year check up and she gave us a referral for allergy testing to see if Moriah is predisposed to having a severe reaction to the mold. My OB recommended that I not be tested since I am pregnant. Zack needs to get in touch with his doctor to set up testing. The question comes if we should move back in the house till we find out if we are allergic, move off base, or still try and fight it out for a new home on base. I have to be honest and say that I am over it all. They have cleaned out all the mold and we can clean all our belongings and just have a home again. Being a drifter is getting old. Thanks again for your prayers!

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