Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grace Adventures and Trusting God

So I just wrapped up my first week at Grace Adventures camp!  It was amazing.  Moriah is adjusting well to being in the nursery everyday but I am not adjusted to be away from her yet.  I know I am exactly where God wants me right now, doing exactly what he wants me to do but it is hard to be away from my baby for so many hours!  Just three more weeks and I can go back to being a stay at home mom.  It helps that I take her to work with me.  I get to see her throughout the day.  My heart goes out to moms who have to work full time and don't see their babies at all during the day.

My campers this week were 3rd grade girls and they were awesome!  I was able to build a relationship with them and share the gospel with all 6 of them on Thursday.  I also shared my testimony with the whole camp.  God is truly working in these kids lives.  I am exhausted from being energized all day and moving from activity to activity.  I am not as young as I once was, that much is apparent!  

This week I have also be struggling with trusting God, specifically with our future.  I will go into more details at a later time but please pray that the military shows us favor and allows us to extend Zack's time in service and move in April instead of February.  This would allow Zack to take two more classes while in the military and reduce some stress with the timing of moving.  God is good and he is in control but it is so easy for me to stress out!  Thank you for your prayers!

Hope your week was as amazing as mine!  

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hanging with Becca and Matt

Moriah and Matt
Moriah and Becca
My little shopper trying to get into Becca's bag
Fries for the first time!

We have been meaning to get together with our friends from our small bible study group for a while. Matt and Zack both love guns so they went to practice their aiming skills at a shooting range and Becca and I took Moriah shopping at the mall, something we are passionate about. It is such a blessing to know couples who we can hang with. God has been so gracious to us in that way. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the number of people who desire to hang with us and are so supportive of our family and diligent in praying for us. I feel so humbled at God's goodness in providing!
After the guys gun time and our shopping time (we both found things, yay!), we headed to TGIFridays for dinner. Moriah is teething and had trouble being content. She received her first french fry and LOVED it. That kept her busy while we ate. It was cute. She kept wanting more and more fries. We went thru the Chik-fil-a drive thru for milkshakes on the way home. When we got back to our house we put Moriah to bed and watched a movie. It was such a relaxing time of fellowship.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July!

We had a great day!  It started off slow, just enjoying the morning together as a family.  We were in our PJs till lunch time, it was fabulous!  Zack and I also got an opportunity to talk about our future after he gets out of the military and the timing of that.  We are trusting God for the unknown in the spring.  It was relieving to talk about it and get a game plan down.  I can't lie, I am nervous about our departure from military care.
In the afternoon we packed up and headed to our friends for some kabobs, rice, corn on the cob, and a delicious red, white and blue cake.  Moriah and Faith got to play together.  They haven't been together in a few weeks and it was interesting to watch them interact.  They have both changed a lot since the last play date.  Faith is walking around and was very concerned about her toys and Moriah not getting in her way.  Moriah had fun screaming at her, her favorite way to communicate.  After our time with the Flemings we headed to the field on base for the 4th celebration with our good friends the Curtises.  It looked like rain but we were determined to see fireworks.  We found a good spot and set up camp.  There was a live band and Moriah had a blast dancing.  She loves to move to music.  It started to sprinkle and we were going to tough it out but then the lightning started and it was pouring.  I didn't want to be in a field with an umbrella waiting to be struck by lightning so we headed to the car and went home.  We saw a few fireworks on TV while watching the Macy's 4th in NY.  Maybe next year we can actually see the fireworks in person.  Here are a few pictures of our day!  Hope your 4th was full of celebration!