Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun At the Park

It was a gorgeous, but kind of hot, day today.  The weather here has been so nice.  Cool in the morning and evening but still some heat in the middle of the day.  We are totally looking forward to fall.   After a morning at the Dr., and an afternoon of napping (for all of us), we  we decided to take Moriah to the park across the street.  I think all three of us needed the fresh air.  As we approached she began squealing and kicking her legs.  She was trying to call out to the kids who were already there playing.  It was so fun to watch her on the swing and slide.  She thought she could climb up the slide, only to keep sliding down.  I sure do love this girl!  

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  1. WAY cute pictures!

    Hey, I just tried to send you an evite for a Lariland Farm trip next week but it bounced back.