Monday, September 8, 2008

She Wants to Be Like Me

The other day we were eating lunch and I was using a spoon to eat yogurt.  Moriah kept reaching for my spoon and signing please.  It was so cute.  So we got her a spoon to "eat" with.  She didn't have much success but she is learning.  This simple lunch interaction got my wheels spinning.

I have been thinking recently about how much she wants to be like me.  If I am on the computer, she crawls over to me and pulls herself up, looks at me and says, "Up" and signs please.  She thinks she needs to be on the computer too.  If I am eating anything, she makes her way to me smacking her lips reaches for it and signs please.  If I am on the phone she melts down until I let her say hi to whoever I am talking to (or give her a toy phone, which is rapidly loosing its appeal to her).  I know this is her way of learning, copying what we do and say but I can't help but ponder, what am I showing her to be like?  Am I showing her kindness, patience, love, and acceptance?  Or does she see my frustration with her sometimes, my anger at the dog for being a silly dog, or my stress with our problems with our home?  Am I showing her how to be like Christ?

I can't help but think of Paul, who said to be like him as he is striving to be like Christ.  That is what I want for my precious daughter who just wants to be like me.  I want to be like Christ, so she will see Him in me and want that for herself.  

1 Corinthians 11:1 Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

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  1. Your heart and intentions are surely blessed, Sister. And, as cute as Moriah is-- what's the deal with the house?