Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So He CAN Walk

Levi took his fist steps on Mother's Day but has not been motivated to walk since then. Even with much bribery (yes, we did use chocolate and other various sweets) he just would not move those feet! Oh, he would walk holding my hand, or if he had the wall or a piece of furniture but not on his own. Such a stubborn little guy.

Last night we were spending time together after baths and before bed. We tend to just hang out with the kids in Moriah's room and read, play, talk until bedtime rolls around. Lo and behold Levi slid out of the reading chair and walked across the room to me! Zack ran to get the camera so we could catch it on video and we spent the next 30 minutes having fun getting him to walk. Moriah especially loved it when he would try and walk to her.

32 Weeks

Things are going well on the pregnancy front. I am feeling the heat and starting to get into that totally uncomfortable stage but over all I am doing great. Our baby girl was breech a few weeks ago but the midwife thinks she has now turned head down-THANK GOODNESS! We will know for sure at my next appointment.

I am nesting up a storm here at our house. It is amazing how much you think you need to get done before the baby arrives. It is like something just kicks into gear. An urgency to accomplish all these tasks-as if they wont still be there after she comes. I have been trying to pace myself (as insisted on by my loving hubby-who remembers the last time I did too much in one day-contractions till 1 AM-YIKES!). So, the necessities are top priority, then the rest of the list (which is 3 pages long!).

The kids are getting so excited for her to come. Moriah loves pretending she is pregnant too and often reads stories to my belly and sings to her. She reminds me often that she will be coming out in August and prays for her "baby sister in mommy's tummy" every night. Levi has taken to seeing my belly. It is kind of embarrassing when we are out and about. He likes to pat is sister in my tummy and give my belly kisses. He will just come up and lift up my shirt so he can "see" her. I think he is learning that he can only do that at home. Lord knows I do not want my huge belly exposed for the public!

Zack is just as excited as I am to meet her and snuggle our little girl. We have yet to 100% decide on a name though. There are a couple contenders that we are close to settling on. Some have given us a hard time for not knowing her name yet, but it is a big decision that she will be stuck with for the rest of her life-so we are ok with being sure before we announce what we will call her. We are open to suggestions if you have any! We are trying to pick something with great meaning, biblical, and pretty to say.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Makes My Heart Smile

Yesterday we were driving home from the store and Moriah and I have this conversation:

Mo: Mommy, are YOU my MOM?!?
Me: Yes, honey, I sure am.
Mo: And I'm your big girl?
Me: Yes, you are my big girl.
Mo: Oh, Momma, I SO love you!
Me: And I SO love you too!

Sometimes she just melts my heart!

There is much to catch up on-I'll be back soon to post about swim lessons and our trip to FL.