Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Mold

First, I want to apologize.  Seems like all this blog has been about lately is our roof problems.  I want to give this update though because we desperately need your prayers.

On Wednesday they replaced our roof.  The job went smoothly and the workers couldn't have been nicer.  To our surprise, they even finished the job in one day.

Yesterday, they came to repair the damage done to our ceiling and opened a can of worms, well mold really.  Moriah and I were not at home, we didn't want the dust in our lungs.  So that left Zack to oversee the replacement of our ceiling.  The workers cut into the drywall and low and behold, black mold.  The health inspector was called and we were literally kicked out of our home.  The mold was sent for testing, which could take up to two weeks.  So until we find out if it is safe to live in our home we are kicked out.  I am so thankful to our friends who did not hesitate in offering their home to us.  We have none of our belongings, just a change of clothes for each of us.  Zack is returning to the house today for some more testing of the mold.  The workers cleaned everything in our ceiling and around where the leak was with bleach and are also returning today to put mold retardant and close the ceiling back up.  

Surprisingly, or really not surprisingly, military housing is still refusing to give us a new home!  We are really struggling with the housing office here and are taking proactive steps to ensure that we are not going to be living in an unsafe home, especially with me pregnant.  Our prayer is that they grant us a new home and the test show the mold is not toxic.  If the results come back toxic, we have to have all our belongings cleaned and how the throw away all our food, ect...  Until we find out we have to treat it like toxic mold, which means we can only take things out of our home that can be cleaned with bleach.  Zack is going to bring us some more clothes today, which all need to be washed again before we wear them.  

I can't put into words the stress this is putting on us.  Right now we just feel so overwhelmed with everything.  We literally had no notice, just all the sudden it wasn't safe for us to be in our own home.  We really aren't sure where to go from here.  We are just waiting to hear back from the inspector and the housing office.  Thank you all for your  prayers, they are GREATLY appreciated! 


  1. Amy, I'm SO SORRY you're going through this!! Please let me know if there's anything you need, ANYTHING. I'll keep an eye on the progress so maybe I can do something specific when you know more about where this is all going.

  2. Thanks for sharing your joys as well as your struggles. I will be praying for you guys through this situation.

  3. Simple solution- move in with me!

    You know my loyalty.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this! Praying for you!!

  5. Hey Amy
    I just got up to speed on what has been going on. If you need a place to stay you and your family are MORE THAN WELCOME.To stay with us. You could have your own room to stay in.