Wednesday, September 3, 2008

12 Week Check-up and Roof Update

We got to go to the doctor today to make sure things are progressing properly with the pregnancy.  Everything is looking great.  My measurements are right on track and the baby had a strong heartbeat, 160 bpm.  The doctor was concerned about a few issues I was having earlier in the pregnancy and wants me to get another ultrasound.  It hasn't been scheduled it yet, and I am not worried about it, God is in control and our last ultrasound showed a healthy baby.  The baby's heartbeat is strong and I am feeling very pregnant.  Hopefully the hospital will be able to work me in for one next week, I am awaiting their call back.  

We keep talking to Moriah about being a big sister.  She is so great about loving on her stuffed animals but I am not sure how that will translate to an actual baby.  Her favorite word right now is "no," so when we ask her if she is going to be a good big sister she proudly says, "Oh, no!"  It is too cute.  I am sure she will be a wonderful helper.  

Roof update: 
There was no inspection and we are back to square one.  They say they are taking bids on a new roof contract and then after the roof is replaced they will come in our home, while we are still living here, and rip off our ceiling to check for mold and replace the damage.  This is exactly the same thing they said they would do in July and here we are two months later.  We feel like we are just spinning in circles and getting no where.  I cried after I got off the phone with the guy in charge of our situation.  I don't think it helped that I had been cooped up all day with Moriah waiting for the inspector to come and he never came...

Ahh, what is God trying to teach me that I am not getting?  I will rest in Him and trust that our health will be protected during all the "remodeling" and mold checking.  My heart longs for our own home where we can make the rules and fix our own problems.  Is God using this to speak to us about getting out of the military?  Hum, I guess we shall see what the Lord reveals.

Zack is going to the housing office tomorrow to see about who we give our letter requesting a transfer to.  Thanks again all of you who are praying for us.  We can sure use it.

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  1. Yippy for a healthy baby! =) I will be praying for you and your new little one! I am also very sorry about your roof. We had a leak in our new house right after we built it and had to deal w/ very similar issues. Only we owned our problem! I hope and pray that y'all get the transfer so you don't have to worry another second about it. The Lord is in control.. always! ~Charity