Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Since September of last year, God has really placed it on my heart to make our home a place of peace.  Remember this post?  Things in our lives have changed so much since then.  I have seen and felt God move in our family like never before.  I KNOW his hands are on us in this difficult time.  He has been calling me to stop the turmoil in my soul and seek and find the peace he is waiting to offer me.
Not only does he want me to work on that for myself, but in our home as well.  When my love comes home from work, I want him to walk into a restful home and a peaceful place.  When my children are in our home, I want them to view it as a safe place, where they can just be who they are.   
So often, I find myself frazzled, the house a wreck, and my fuse very short.  My hubby will come home and I am out of sorts and ready to "hand off" the kids.  I have to stop and ask myself, why is this?  Did I try and do too many things that day?  Did I spend time in prayer and God's word?  Was I lazy or am I focusing on my to-do list more than what my kids and hubby need?  Why is our home lacking peace? 
My cousin inspired me to create a visual reminder for myself.  You can read all about her and her amazing family here.  When we got back from our trip to FL in January I made this and placed it by the kitchen sink (because, let's face it, that is where I spend the majority of my time!).  When I see this I stop.  I read the verse (which I have memorized now-from reading it so much) and pray.
I want to say that, magically, our home is always peaceful now but that would not be honest.  There are some days I feel like pulling out my hair and I am lacking patients with my children.  Our house is a mess, dinner is take out, and I feel less than stellar at keeping our home at peace.  But I can say that those days have gotten fewer and fewer.  I find myself having a new attitude, and being renewed everyday to get to it again.  God has been gracious with me and I love the peace that has been prevailing in our home.

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  1. I love this Amy! A great reminder what Gods word can do when we hide it in our hearts, not to mention prayer and reliance on him.
    What a great idea! :)