Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fishy L

We are pool people.  I grew up swimming all the time.  Both of my grandparents had pools that we visited every summer and in middle school we moved into a home with a pool.  My honey grew up in FL and was even a lifeguard for a while (I know, right!  Yes, I am married to that hot guy that saved your life that summer...)  Anyway, it has been a bit of a surprise to have kids who were timid of the water.

Mo is what we like to call slow to warm.  She likes to know what is going on, when and who will be there and then she will decide if she is going to like it.  If she isn't sure she will sit back until she is comfortable.  This applies to bodies of water as well.  The girl cries when she sticks her big toe in the ocean.  Yeah.  She loves playing on the steps of pools but that is as warmed up to the idea of swimming as she is.  She took swim lessons last summer and knows how to swim, but has no desire to use that knowledge to venture past the second step.  She sure is cute in her swim gear, though!

L did not even like the step in the pool last summer.  He was content to sit on the side and occasionally touch the water with his foot.  Imagine my surprise when we took him to an indoor pool this weekend and he had a blast!  He was so brave and even went in the deep end.  I think we might have a swimmer on our hands!

And last but not least, our sweet Se.  She has no experience with pools yet.  I was all ready to give her a taste of the water, but it was too cold.  For an indoor pool they sure do keep it chilled.  She just got to splash with her feet for a minute before getting dressed again.  Wonder if she will be more inclined to be a fish like her big bro or a step dweller like her big sis?  Time will tell! 

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