Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Desire to Obey

This week I was reminded through my 3 year old what it truly means to obey.  Here is how our conversation went:

Mo: Momma, I can do whatever I want.
Me: No, you can obey.  God tells us to obey.  Momma obeys God and Daddy, and you obey God, Daddy and Momma.  So, you see, you can't do whatever you want.
Mo: But mom, I want to obey, so see.  I can do whatever I want because I want to obey.

Oh my goodness!  How perceptive she is at the tender age of 3.  What a challenge she is to me spiritually.  How often do I want to do my own thing and fight obedience?  Make excuses to God about why what He wants wont work?  Why my way is seemingly better?  Oh, to want to obey.  To desire from the depth of my soul to do only as my Savior asks of me.  To stop fighting and arguing with Him and submit, wholly, completely.  To live every breath as the gift that it is, bringing Him glory in every aspect of my life.  This is the type of obedience I long for.  This is the reminder I needed.  That I CAN to whatever I want to, because I WANT to obey.  Powerful words my little Mo, powerful words. 

Psalm 119 has been speaking truth to me on this subject.  Check it out here.
"Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law, and obey it with all my heart." vs. 34

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