Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dance With Me?

We recently went to a wedding.  Now, this may be a common event in my life.  I have had one, been to them, been in them and watched tons of them on TV.  For my little 3 year old this was THE event of the year.  She loves love stories, especially the ones that end with a kiss.  As soon as the lips of the characters touch she yells at the top of her lungs, "Oh, Momma-THEY'RE MARRIED!!!!!"  To Mo, the bride was a princess who she was in awe of.  At the reception she kept tabs on everywhere she went and was thrilled to get a few moments of her time.   
I enjoyed seeing her love on the bride (who is a lifetime friend of my family) and get all giddy. I know that her day is WAY in the future but there was something so special about seeing her at her first wedding. The excitement she already has for marriage. I just think it's awesome.
Then came the dancing. For the up beat songs she preferred to watch, not sure about all the crazy adults getting their groove on. But when it came to slow songs, she grabbed her favorite cousin and they danced their little hearts out.
Cousin H, "Hold my dress, like this."
They began just holding hands...
Come closer to me!
Pure cousin LOVE
A kiss for the girl
Longing look of adoration
And then they spun and danced,
until they dropped.

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  1. Reese has that same dress. It looks just as cute on Mo. Glad you had a great trip.