Thursday, March 10, 2011

Musings of Mo

My oldest is a riot.  She is constantly saying things that just crack me up.  So, I have been keeping a record, just for you, so that she can crack you up to.  Here are the musings of my 3 year old.

Me: Mo, why is L crying?
Mo: Well, I would tell you but it's a long story.

Mo: L, you need to set a good example for me and clean up all these toys. (after I just told HER to clean them up!)

Mo (upon arriving at a condo for the weekend): We can have a whole life here! (arms spread wide twirling in the living room)

Me: Mo, please go put the magnets back on the fridge.
Mo: I can do whatever I want.
Me: No, you'll do as you're told.  Now please go put the magnets back.
Mo: Just don't worry about it mom.

Mo: L, you can call girls, mam.  And call boys, sir.
L: Oh, ok. (looking confused)
Mo: Don't worry, it gets a little constipated. (um, I think she means complicated!)
Me: Mo, you crack me up!
Mo (while shaking her finger at me): No, mom, no cracking!

Mo: After my rest, I'm going to put my tinker bell costume on and play on my pink computer.  Does that make sense to you, mom?
Me: Yes, perfect sense!

Mo: I need to get ready for my presentation.  You know, at H's house.
Me: Um, no I didn't know, and what exactly will you be presenting to your friend, H (who is a BOY)?
Mo: Just my presentation.

After a long ride where she was resting her elbow on her knee to prop up her head I come in the house to see her crying on the step.
Me: What's wrong Mo?
Mo: My foot is sprinkling!  It's sprinkling, momma!
Her foot had fallen asleep and it was tingling to "wake up."  I tried to explain but she just didn't get it.  It was adorable.

And there you have it-some of the normal everyday conversations I have with my 3 year old.  Life sure is fun!


  1. Thank you, I totally needed a laugh today. I love your kids!