Tuesday, March 15, 2011

L is 2!

Oh my funny L,
How I find such joy in being your momma.  You are the coolest little boy I know.  This past year has been full of changes, challenges and chuckles with you.
You learned to walk!  It was in your own time and on your terms, but you finally started walking proficiently around 16 months.  It was perfect timing for mommy, because one month later you became a big brother.  What a pleasure it has been to see you in that role.  At first you were not very interested in your sister Se, but once you came around you are ALL OVER her!  In a good way.  You are quick to tell me she is crying and quick to care for her.  Your first interest in her was when she was crying you brought her a paci.  So sweet.  Now you love to play on the floor with her and bring her things.  Daddy has taught you that your job is to, "potect sistas," and you take it very seriously.  If you don't know where Se or Mo are you are very concerned and want answers immediately.
Mo is your best playmate.  How many times I have prayed this would be, I can not tell you.  But you love to play with Mo.  If she is doing something, you want to do it.  If she is eating a certain snack, you want the same thing.  You want to be where she is and you want her attention.  I must say, she adores you following her around-as long as you do as she says and play by her rules.  When that doesn't happen, you are both quick to reconcile any disagreements and give hugs and kisses.  
Your favorite time of the day is anytime there is food (especially if it's chicken nuggets and broccoli), naked booty time each night before bed (you love to dance without clothes on!) and wrestle time.  You LOVE wrestle time.  If you haven't had enough wrestle time I find you laying on Se trying to get her to wrestle.  It usually results in screams of protest from her but you achieve your goal of being physical so you are happy.  Thankfully you have a daddy, a big sis, a Papa, Uncles and a Mr. Jesse (or Miss Jesse as you like to call him) who love wrestling you also.  And Momma joins the fun sometimes too!
You are a sweet boy.  You often get my attention just to tell me you love me.  It just makes my momma's heart so happy.  You will say, "Hey Momma.  I hap to tell you someting.  I wub you."  You love snuggles and often look up at me with your adorable face and say, "Uggle me, uggle me?"  As long as my arms are not already carrying one of your siblings, I happily oblige.  I am so NOT looking forward to the day you stop asking.
Though you are very clear about what you want and when you want it (it's good to know your mind) you are still very obedient.  You are not always happy about not getting your way but I am so glad you do the right thing anyway.  What a wonderful attitude to have starting at such a tender age.  I pray you always obey so willingly.  And, you have been known to put yourself in time out.  If you knew something was wrong you tell me you need a time out and go sit on the step.  Your desire for self correction makes me so proud of you.  You are going to be a fine young man.  
You love to pray.  At dinner you want to be the one to bless the food.  You say the same prayer every meal.  "Thank you, Jesus, for our food.  Amen."  At night you pray for all sorts of things and repeat after mommy if you are unsure what to say.  It is a blessing to already see that you have a desire to know God.  You favorite bible story is David and Goliath.  You ask for it to be read every night.  I can't wait to see what a man of God you will become.  I know He has some great plans for you my little dude.
I love you so much and I am so happy that God gave me the honor of being called your mom.

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