Sunday, May 17, 2009


Right now our church is in the middle of doing a series called The Truth Project. It is a Biblical Worldview study that has been really thought provoking. We watch videos in our small group and have great discussion on them and then on Sundays there is a message that relates to the weeks topic. I find it really useful for equipping me with truth to go out and share. I know something I struggle with is knowing what to say to some people when they start talking about philosophy, evolution and such and I want to share what I know about the bible, but in a way that gets their attention. A lot of the time I just get tongue tied and am not confident in what to say. When I look back at these conversations I can think of things I should have said. This study is helping me to have the truth to share. To be ready. Take a look at the trailer. Even this 4 minute clip is encouraging. I love that the teacher uses scripture to convey the importance of living out a Christian life that is infused with truth. I know that Satan is the father of lies and I want to have the truth to fight off the lies he throws at me. I am so thankful for scripture, that I can stand firm on the truth.

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