Thursday, May 14, 2009

She Amazes Me

On Tuesday we went to the playground and there was a hurt butterfly.  Moriah was very interested in the wounded bug.  She got to see a butterfly up close since it couldn't fly away.  We went to the playground again yesterday and Moriah went about her usual playing (swings first then fun on the slides).  She stopped in the middle of her sliding and asked me where the "fly" was.  How does she remember??  I know I am biased since she is mine but she just amazes me with her memory and abilities.  I was chatting with another mom at the playground last week and she was commenting on how at Moriah's age she could tell her daughter that she could have something later and she would forget.  In reality, this mom was saying that she lied to her kid to get her to stop bugging her and knew she wouldn't remember it later.  I totally do not condone this, I think honesty with your kids is best.  I am modeling for my children how I want them to behave, and I don't want them lying and tricking people.  But if I did want to use this less than ideal parenting tip I was given, I can't.  My daughter is too smart for that and would remember in a heartbeat if I promised her chocolate after nap.  Thanks for keeping me accountable Mo!  
Here are some pics of her searching for the missing "fly" and a bonus of Levi patiently watching his sister play.


  1. My kids are a lot like that. It's not that I would want to trick them, or promise something I'd never deliver... just that I have to be VERY careful when I speak that I mean everything I say. They WILL remember.

    PS. I clicked over from my reader to leave a comment on this post and on your Mother's day post. I wanted to tell you how great the pic is of you with the kids on the bridge, and it's your new header! Great choice!

  2. Moriah is so incredibly adorable. It's funny because her posture and mannerisms are alot like Aven's are. It's funny how similar kids this age can be, yet how incredibly different they all are. Levi's also an incredibly cute little guy. How has it been having 2 kidlums? I'm assuming it's much more difficult but much more rewarding.
    On a different note, I just wanted to let you gusy know that we miss you guys a ton and wish we could be closer and hang out. Tell Zack I said hi.