Monday, May 18, 2009

Praying It Over

If you have a mind to, please keep us in your prayers.  Zack is in the process of applying to volunteer jobs in TX and CA.  I would absolutely LOVE to move to either place.  We would still be in the military but the possibility of being stationed state side instead of a 15 hour plane ride away in Korea is so appealing.  There isn't a very big chance he will get these jobs, as they are very picky about how long you have been where, and according to the "rules" we haven't been in here long enough.  But, God is a big God and He could have them bend the rules for us.  Zack is applying anyway.  Just thought you might like to see a photo taken from our favorite hiking spot when we lived in CA before.  It is also where we got engaged.  Oh, how I would love to go back there!

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