Sunday, May 3, 2009

Levi is 7 Weeks!

I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  Seven weeks ago I gave birth to my son.  My son!!  Things are going very well all things considered.  We are adjusting to being parents of two.  Someone asked Zack the other day if I went to take a break and he replied that with two there are no breaks.  So true!  Unless they are asleep we are chasing, feeding, disciplining, soothing, etc...  Levi has proven himself to be a sweet asset to this family.  He loves to sleep and does so between each feeding.  He will eat, be alert for a little bit and then sleep till it is time to eat again.  He does HATE to be wet or poopy, so if one of those things happen he is sure to let us know.  It is funny the difference between kids.  Moriah didn't mind waiting to be changed and never cried for a dirty diaper.  She cried for other things, a lot, but not that.  He has been such a great night time sleeper too.  He has given me a couple night where he has gone 8 hours between feedings.  Most of the time he just goes 6 though.  I can't complain about that!  He has been having a fussy time every evening, which has been challenging, but God is good.  He doesn't usually start his fussy until Moriah goes to bed.  BLESSING!  We only have to deal with it when we only have him to focus on.  He has been smiling and cooing more and more.  I am excited to find out what his personality will be like.  He already seems to have a bit of a temper and is a feisty thing when something is not going his way.  (ie. when he is hungry or has a diaper change)  I have to say, being a mom of two is challenging but rewarding.  I am not sure how people do it once they are out numbered.  Two is enough for us, for now.    

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