Saturday, February 7, 2009


Moriah has loved singing her ABC's for a long time but she now likes me to say them and she repeats them. It is so cute! She comes up to me and asks "ABCD?"  So we say them, over and over and over until she is satisfied.  Zack took this video and I think it was the third or fourth time in a row she asked me to say them for her.  She can't say W but she says the rest. When we get to W she just says "no." I can just see her soon being able to say them all by herself. Pretty good for a 16th month old!


  1. I particularly love the "weee" for 'T'. :-) It's fun to hear her little voice! Thanks!

  2. Haha, Cree took my comment.

    I love that whee is a letter!