Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30+ Weeks

Only a little less than 10 weeks left in the Levi count down. I am getting more and more excited! I have to be honest, though, and say that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with my list of things I want to get done before he makes his grand arrival. Zack has been so helpful in helping me "nest." The thing about the nesting stage is that I get all these ideas and things that NEED to be done but I can't do it all. I can't climb to clean, I can't lift heavy things or move the furniture where I want it. So I end up giving Zack a major to-do list. Thankfully he understands and loves me enough to carry out my wishes. I am so blessed with such a wonderful hubby and father to my children. I just can't wait to meet little Levi and I want to be ready for him. For the most part I am feeling very good but there have been some moments where I feel every bit as pregnant as I am. I tend to over do it and then regret it. But, other than that I feel great. Zack has been sure to force me to sit down and rest when he thinks I am doing too much. He has even ordered me to nap before. Surprisingly, except for the occasional trip to the bathroom or to soothe Moriah, I have been sleeping very well. I think that totally helps in the feeling good department. I have noticed on the nights where I don't get enough sleep, I have a pretty rough next day, as far as feeling good. I have my next appointment at the birthing center on Wednesday and then I will go to an appointment every two weeks. Wow, crazy to think that I am that close to giving birth that they want to see me so often!


  1. I can hardly believe so much time has passed! I feel like just yesterday you were whispering to us that you were pregnant and sending all the aerosol sunscreen users outside. It is my goal to double check what I've emailed you about Levi and send you the complete version BEFORE he shows his face! :-)

  2. GREAT photos (and the ones of your family too). You're lovely.