Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Blog!!!

Roll out the red carpet: I have a new blog- ha! It's really the same blog, new name, new purpose, new design-still same me.

For the past few months I have had a huge blogger identity crisis, if you will. For my few followers you have seen the decline in posts. I just had no desire to blog, which led me to ask myself the question of why I did it. I came up with an answer that surprised me. I did it to keep up with the times. Other moms and friends of mine had one and so I should too, you know, to keep up with them. To post all the great and cool things my little family does. No wonder I didn't feel like blogging. Things got busy and it was one of the fist things to go. I wasn't really writing for me.

So, I started wondering if I should just stop blogging. Is it worth my time? Do I want to give people a real glimpse into my life, or was I only posting the good- portraying my family as only part of what we are? And the answer again surprised me!

Yes, I do want to keep blogging for these reasons:

~To keep up with what we do. I want to have a record of the many adventures we have as a family. Where God takes us and how faithful he is. One day I want to be able to read my blogs to my grandkids and laugh historically at the stories of our life, cry when we remember the sad times, and do the crafty tutorials together.

~To share the funny stories of my kids with family and friends who are far away. I think blogging is a great way to keep them up to date on us.

~To be a light in the blogging world. Admittedly, the majority of my posts will be the funny, cool, and exciting things that happen but I promise to be real. I will also be blogging about my struggles and lessons I'm learning. Yikes! I have to say, I am a bit nervous about putting myself out there for the world to see but, hey- here's to keeping it real and in the process, praying it helps someone else.

For security reasons I changed the name and URL of my blog. Previously our family's name was used. After talking it over with my hubby, I felt like I needed a name change and make over.

Why "Propelled by Love" you may be asking. Well, I thought long and hard about me and who I am, why I do the things I do. All I kept thinking is that it's because of love. The love Christ gives me gives me reason enough to keep going but he has also blessed me with a wonderful hubby and three amazing children to love. What I do is for the love of them. On days when being a mom of three, three and under, is tough (um, everyday), I remember that love and press on. I'm propelled by it!

So, my few avid followers, you can look forward to more frequent posts by a blog writer who has found her blogging mojo!

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  1. I think you have found the PERFECT reason for blogging....documenting for your family....teaching others along the way....glorifying Christ in it all....warts and all. LOVE:)