Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Organized!

So, here is a look at how I spent my morning. The entry way in our home has been somewhat of a disorganized mess since we moved in a few months ago. I have tried doing things several different ways and the end result is ALWAYS a mess that poses a tripping hazard. Shoes and jackets and gloves and hats would inevitably end up all over the hallway. Here are pictures of before I gave our hall a makeover.
There is only one basket for all of our shoes.  The result was when searching for a pair all the shoes on top got dumped out onto the floor and forgotten about.  The hooks for the kids jackets were not in a place they could get to easily (the baby car seat was in the way, and they were too high) so they would just throw their coats on the floor and I would have to come behind them and hang them back up.  The coat rack was falling apart.  After many moves and years of use, it was on it's last leg-literally!  Plus, it was encroaching on the bathroom door (to the right of the coats) and on more then one occasion a jacket would get caught in the door. 
The hall closet was a hiding place for whatever I needed hidden.  Curtians, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, shoes-you name it and it was thrown (no really, it was THROWN) in there.  So, this morning I got to work.  For just $25 here is what I did:

First I started with the shoe issue.  I bought three of these babies at Walmart for just $5!  Now the kids have one, I have one and Zack has one.  Now, if Mo needs a pair of shoes there is a smaller bin to look in and it is much easier to find pairs.

Next, I tackled the closet.  Now, i know what you are thinking.  Hey, this picture doesn't look much different then the before pic-but let me assure you IT IS!  I re-purposed some metal shelves we had and put the baby car seat, diaper bag, and our boots on it.  I placed all hats, gloves, and scarves in the bin where they belong and emptied this closet of things that didn't belong (camera equipment, blankets, and a huge plastic tote).  So, yes it is still VERY full, but we need all the storage space we can get and it is much more organized now.
Here is the finished hall.  Isn't it lovely?!  I picked up new coat racks and placed them at a height Mo and L can reach, got rid of the old coat rack and replaced it with a matching adult size of the new kids one.  Now, this may seem like an easy thing, but I was really proud that I measured, drilled, anchored and screwed them in all by myself and they are sturdy and most importantly, level.  I finished off the new hall with one of my favorite photos (it was taken by my honey at the place of our engagement!)  Now, I feel peaceful when I enter the house or walk thru the hall.  I just love it!  It was a good productive morning.

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  1. Love how organized the hallway looks! You've inspired me to get a few organizing projects that I've been procrastinating about finished and out of the way!