Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty Nights

Mondays are the official craft nights around this house.  This is a new development that has come about with the change in my hubby's job.  Nights I would have been spending with him, I now find myself free.  So, Monday's have been dedicated to tapping into my creative juices.  My mom was recently here and we teamed up to make some crocheted bows for the girls.  I love how they turned out!  I will continue to post things I have made and projects I am working on.  I might just change my Monday posts to be "Made by Me, Mondays," so check back to see more craftiness!
On the agenda tonight-handmade birthday invitations for Levi's second birthday!  It is coming up quick and I need to get a move on.  He had a hard time choosing between having a VeggieTales party or a Thomas party.  Thomas won out in the end and he is SO excited for his "Tomas Pa-dee."


  1. GREAT idea, get things accomplished and feel like you can have a schedule. I am a BIG fan of a scheduled day.

  2. LOVE that flower!! I just bookmarked a tutorial on how to make a five pedal crocheted flower... yours looks way better!!

  3. Can't take credit-my mom made the flower, I just turned it into a bow-you know, the whole hot glue on a clip and added the button. I am just learning to crochet and I am NOT that good at it yet. Maybe next time my mom visits she can show me and I will pass along my knowledge to you =)