Friday, March 6, 2009

One Week Left!

I am 39 weeks pregnant today! Yay!! The contractions are getting more and more regular but still nothing to indicate "real" labor. My plans for this last week are coming together nicely. They include:
-A family date day tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS. Sunny and in the 60's. It will be our last Saturday without another baby or family in town so we are going to spend it outside as a family. I will post on how it went tomorrow.
-Church on Sunday (meetings in the morning, service at night)
-Errands on Monday and our camp spring event at Airmania Monday night. (I can't wait to see Moriah on all the fun bounce houses and slides.)
-Connections Bible Study Tuesday and a nap in the afternoon.
-Fierce cleaning Wednesday. I am hoping to over do it and possibly send myself into early labor because...
-Thursday I have my 40 week check up and my parents get here! I am praying we get to meet Levi Thursday night or Friday, so I will be doing everything in my power to start labor.

Things over all are going better. Moriah had a weight check up yesterday and gained one pound so the doctors decided she didn't need further testing, PRAISE! She also slept through the night last night, a sure sign that she is feeling better. Zack is on the mend and besides an occasional headache I have been spared the nasty cold they had. I am SO looking forward to this weekend and then next week having my parents here and hopefully meeting our little Levi face to face. I can't wait to kiss him!!!

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