Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trip to FL

I don't even know where to start! Moriah and I's trip to O-town was so refreshing. It was so nice to relax at my parent's house and see friends and family. We actually got stuck in FL for two extra days thanks to Tropical Storm Fay. A few highlights:

Moriah started walking! She took one step to Zack right before we left but while we were gone in FL she took 3 and 4 steps. It was so fun to see her get so excited and proud of herself.

We went to the Brevard County Zoo. This may not seem like a huge big deal but it was so cool. This zoo is very hands on. We were able to feed some birds nectar, well sort of. My mom had a bird land on her head and my niece Hannah wanted to hold the nectar so naturally the bird flew to her head. She flipped out and threw the nectar. I couldn't stop laughing, until a bird landed on me and I was ready to leave. Moriah just took it all in with a facial expression of, what in the world? We also got to feed giraffes! They came right up to us and were so close we could touch them, it was amazing.

Moriah has always been a climber and we knew we were going to be in trouble when she got old enough to climb on things. She climbed up onto a chair while at my parent's house. I was shocked. She not only climbed on it but climbed up the back of it, which made me very nervous. It is a rocking chair so as she climbed it tilted further and further. I was almost worried it would fall backwards, but thankfully I got her off before that happened.

The best part of the trip was the precious time Moriah spent with my family. My mom and dad get to see her often but my brothers, sister-in-law and niece have only seen her a few times. They were so good with her. Moriah and her cousin Hannah are still in love with eachother and so sweet. My younger brothers totally impressed me with how great they are with her. They are going to be such wonderful dads. Eric and Vicki are super with Hannah and so naturally were super with Moriah. She loved on all of them, snuggling whenever she could. It was just a sweet time.

Sorry I don't have time to upload pictures, I hear a baby stirring from her nap, mother duties call. Click here and here to see the pictures I posted on Facebook from our trip.

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