Friday, August 8, 2008

Tennessee Road Trip!

So camp ended August 1st and on August 2nd we loaded up the car and headed for TN at 4 AM.  I have to admit I was so nervous to travel with Moriah for 10 hours.  Her longest trip up to this point has been 4 hours and she had her Nana and Papa in the back entertaining her.  Thankfully we we able to borrow my parents' DVD player for the car, so if all else failed we had Baby Noah and Baby Praise.  I am happy to report that Moriah slept for 6 of the 10 hours and was just a happy baby for her 4 awake hours.  We only stopped twice the whole trip there.   

We went to TN to see Zack's mom and grandma.  They live in a cabin in a very small town in the mountains.  There was not enough space for three additional people so we had made arrangements to stay in a hotel 30 minutes away (in the closest town).  God is just amazing in how he uses people you don't even know to serve you.  We were invited by Zack's mom's neighbors to stay in their "mother-in-law" suite at their house.  They literally live next door and it was FREE!  So we stayed in a two bedroom section of the house with our own little kitchen and everything.  It was such a blessing to save money not only on a hotel but in gas.  I love that there are still people out there who will do anything to help others.  It seems like in our society those people are rapidly declining as people are so absorbed in their own needs and lives they don't look for ways to serve.  We are so fortunate to know MANY friends who we can count on and I pray they feel as they can count on us as well.

Back to our trip to TN.  We went to Zack's mom's church on Sunday and got to hear a blue grass band.  Moriah has loved music since she was in the womb so this was a real treat for her.  She would holler to try and sing with them and dance and clap and swing her arms as if she was directing them.  We tried to keep her pacie in as much as possible to she wouldn't be too much of a distraction.  Thankfully the group and church members all greeted us after the service with how cute she was so I don't think the minded too much.  We spent the afternoon relaxing (I got to take a nap!) and took Zack's mom out for a birthday dinner.  

One Monday we went to a quilt shop and spent WAY too much money.  Did I mention quilting is a favorite hobby of mine?  I have the stuff for 3 or 4 projects that have yet to be started.  We took a drive all round the mountain to see the town and places around and headed home on Tuesday.  Moriah did great again on the drive home.  She melted down once for about 30 minutes because it was bed time and she wanted to be in bed.  I wanted to be in bed too, but I don't think I could get away with screaming about it, I let her get it out and could fully relate to how she felt.   Over all she was such a good girl the whole trip.  We were so glad we got to go and see Mom and Grandma.

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