Friday, August 8, 2008

End of Grace Adventures Day Camp 2008

Well, camp is over.  So sad, but good at the same time.  It was truly a blessing to be a part of the beginning of our church's camp.  The kids couldn't be more fun and seeing them go from being reserved and not wanting to sing or dance to shouting "Jesus your my superhero!"  was just amazing.  The last two weeks of camp I was not with the big campers but rather I worked in Moriah's classroom with the staff kids.  It was really a blessing.  I got paid to spend the day with my daughter and three boys.  Every morning and afternoon we would head down for the assemblies and they couldn't have loved it more.  Watching babies and toddlers dance for Jesus is just the best.  It was good to be able to see my campers from the previous two weeks as well.  I am looking forward to how God is going to grow and continue to use camp in our community.  For now, I am enjoying being at home with my baby all day.  It is taking me a few days to get caught up with all the house work that I just let go while I was working, but I am loving Moriah and I's lazy mornings of just playing together.  

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