Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girls Night with the Kiddos

So last night my hubby took a much needed break and went to a movie with some guys.  Us wives were stuck with the kiddos but decided that shouldn't stop us from having a girls night.  We took all our babies (all girls) and headed to Pei Wei for some delicious Asian food.  It was fun and a great time of fellowship.  Moriah had been working on her top teeth all day and I needed a little outing to get both our minds off her fussiness.  It worked.  She was a little sweetie all through dinner and even ate some rice for the first time.  She was really happy all through Target and then went to bed without even a whimper.  It was nice to have some time by myself after I put her to sleep but I was happy when Zack got home and we could snuggle. 

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