Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yay, I finally get to tell you about Wednesday night.  We had the opportunity to minister in the inner city of Baltimore.  There is a ministry called MetroKids that feeds inner city kids every Wednesday.  The great part is that not only do they feed them but they first have speakers every week share Christ with them.  Our small group from church volunteered to bring them food last night and provide the speaker.  God is so good and a lady who grew up in the inner city of Chicago came and gave her testimony to the kids.  They could really relate to her and were asking great questions at the end.  It was neat to see a ministry right near us that needs help.  We are going to go serve with them again.  I brought mac-n-cheese for my part of the dinner.  Here are some pictures of me trying to prepare it.  It took 2 hours!  We were planning to serve 75 people but the rain storm made it a little bit less.  Sorry there are no pictures of the kids.  I brought my camera but got so wrapped up in spending time with them I forgot about taking pictures.  I will try and post some next time we go.

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