Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Updates

I just wanted to send out a quick update of my family before our summer gets really crazy.
PRAISE! A letter was written to the housing office here on base and it was very well received and we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of the repairs.  We even finally received a new dishwasher!  Ours had been sadly trying to clean since we moved in and recently just gave out. 

PRAISE!  My mom, dad and niece Hannah are here visiting.  It has been such a sweet time.  Moriah and Hannah are just precious together!  Hannah insists on being with Moriah every moment.  She isn't even jealous of the attention my parents are giving Moriah, she just says, "You need two girls!" and wants to be included in the cuddles.  We have been having a blast.  We have been to the pool twice and plan to go today, gone strawberry and blueberry picking (and had the most amazing breakfast, blueberry and strawberry pancakes, for dinner!) and gone shopping, a favorite of my mom's and I.  

PRAISE!  My good friend Laurie is coming to see me today!  We taught together at ICS in Korea and she still teaches there.  I can't wait to spend quality time with her and catch up.  It is such a blessing to have such a great friend that will come visit me form Korea, via Kansas.  We will be really busy sightseeing and having some much needed fellowship time.  I am VERY EXCITED!  My mom being here makes it even nicer.  She will be watching Moriah all day tomorrow so Laurie and I can go to DC and be babyless.  It will be the first time I have left Moriah all day, but it will be in extremely capable hands.

PRAISE!  Zack's father and step-mom are coming for the weekend.  We get to spend some one on one time with them, something that has been rare since we got married.  We are looking forward to building a stronger relationship with them and being able to have them get to know Moriah more.  

PRAYER REQUEST!  When the last of our steady stream of company leaves I start work.  Next Monday I will begin 5 weeks of working.  I am looking to working with great anticipation but extreme nervousness.  I will be working at a summer camp at my church.  It is an amazing opportunity to reach the children in this area for Christ.  Moriah will get to come with me and just be in the nursery at church.  I am thankful that I get to peek in on her whenever I want and give her snuggles and kisses.  Please pray that the transition for both of us goes well.  I am a stay at home mom who is looking forward to returning to that status in August but for the month of July God has called me to step out and serve.  

I will try and post in July but they might be few and far between.  Thanks for your prayers and I will update as I can, and be back to "normal" in August.  God Bless until then!

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