Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yay!  We had the most amazing weekend.  My parents were able to come with us on a mini vacation to Williamsburg, VA.  It was a very good trip to take on our limited budget.  It is free to park and walk around the city, and military gets in free to Busch Gardens so we just had to pay for hotel, gas and food all weekend.  Moriah also had some very big firsts.  She cut her first two teeth, crawled, said bye-bye, played peek-a-boo and rode her first amusement park ride.  It was also a sweet time of reunion with some family friends who live in Hampton.  They were there when I was born and I haven't seen them since I got married.  It was a blessing to catch up, and we also went by the house my parents lived in when I was born.  It was neat to see where my first home was.  You can click here for some pictures.  Hope you had an amazing weekend too!

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