Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Grateful Heart but a Leaky Roof!

It's no secret, I am a family girl.  I love my family.  I love being around them, I love when they visit, I love just talking to them (my mom can attest to this, we talk several times a day!).  It is because of this love that I must be careful of my attitude.  I long to live near my family and so it makes it hard to be grateful for where I am now, especially when I find fault with my current place in life.

God has called me to be a military wife.  I grew up being a military kid, so this wouldn't be that much different, right?  Haha!  God has used me being a military wife to teach me so much.  Right now He is molding me into having a grateful heart.  So, let me tell you what I am grateful for.  A hunky hubby and sweet baby girl.  No matter where I am, how near or far from extended family, my two loves are with me and I love them so much!  A traveling family.  Since we can't live near them they come to us for visits.  How fortunate I am that God has provided my family with the means to travel.  Provision.  We can buy food, good food and we do not go hungry.  Friends.  Even though our family isn't near us, we have been blessed with friends who treat us like family.  If in need, they are there.  Praise the Lord, He knows just the people we need for fellowship.  A home.  The area I struggle being grateful the most.  Let me explain.

For anyone reading who has been in the military or lived in a military home you can surely relate.  The rent is taken straight out of your housing allowance and you pay no utilities.  Yep, that's right, we have no water bill, no electric bill, no garbage fee.  For that I am grateful.  We have a yard where our dog can run and we live in walking distance of where Zack works.  We were assigned a 3 bedroom and use the extra space as a much need office/ guitar room.  So, you may be wondering what is there to be ungrateful about?  Location.  It is not in FL, where my heart longs to be.  And age.  We live in what has been labeled on base as the "projects."  It is not really that bad but the homes are just really old and in need of some remodeling.  Our home will be up for remodeling next year.  Till then we have to just live with carpet coming up, gaps between the floor, a screen door that lets bugs in and a leaky roof, just to name a few, I don't want to sound ungrateful=).  I am praying that a roofer can fix our reoccurring leak problem.  If not, we have a bowl in position to catch the water.  I am grateful we have a warm home in the winter and a cool home in the summer, even if the roof is leaky.

So that about sums up what God has been working on in me.  Here are the lyrics of a song that has been on my lips today.

Many men will drink the rain and turn to thank the clouds
Many men will hear You speak but they will never turn around
I will not forget you, You are my God, my King
And with a thankful heart I bring my offering
And my sacrifice is not what you can give, but what I alone can give to You
A grateful heart I give, a thankful prayer I pray, a wild dance I dance before You
A loud song I sing, a huge bell I ring, a life of praise I live before You
Many men will pour their gold and serve a thing that shines
Many men will read Your words but they will never change their minds.

Waterdeep I Will Not Forget You lyrics

I hope you can find things to be grateful for today, even if it turns out to be a horrible day. 

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  1. We had to go through this lesson many times in all our moving and such... thanks for rminding me of this song today as it is one of my favorites. A wild dance I dance before you!! Can't wait to dance with you later today! :)