Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Took Their Hands and Followed

So, this fall I am starting home schooling Moriah. I have to admit I am REALLY excited about this and the precious time we get to spend together on this learning adventure. I know, she is only two and no I am NOT going to be drilling her or trying to make her this toddler genius (besides why work so hard when she already is a genius to me, right?). I started out this home schooling adventure with one goal in mind. To make my time with her meaningful and purposeful. I want to parent on purpose. I don't want to be so busy with life and all the things we do (housework, bible studies, playdates, etc.) that I miss out on my time with Moriah. I don't want her memories of growing up be of watcing Elmo and Mickey Mouse (and believe me she sure does watch them!). Don't get me wrong I think these things are fine in and of themselves but I just want some quality time with her too. So, having a curriculum for her sounded great. The teacher background took over and I began to formulate all these great ideas and plans. Soon I realized she is only two and I needed to scale down my ambitions. There will be other years for true "schooling." I am not sure how long I will home school. My hearts dream is to teach at a private Christian School where our kids can attend, we shall see. This year I want to watch her have fun while learning. Needless to say, I will be sure and update with all our school happenings. Here is a poem by Mrs. Roy L. Peifer I came across recently while researching some home schooling ideas. It really spoke to my heart and embodies what I want to have with my children. I modified it a little so it fits with me (it was just about a son but I have both!).

I Took Their Hands and Followed
My dishes went unwashed today,
I didn't make the bed,
I took their hands and followed,
Where their eager footsteps led.

Oh yes, we went adventuring,
My little ones and I...
Exploring all the great outdoors
Beneath the summer sky.

We waded in a crystal stream,
We wandered through a wood...
My kitchen wasn't swept today
But life sure was good.

We found a cool, sun-dappled glade
And now my small ones know
How Mother Bunny hides her nest,
Where jack-in-the-pulpit grows.

We watched a robin feed her young,
We climbed a sunlit hill...
Saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky,
We plucked a daffodil.

That my house was neglected,
That I didn't brush the stairs,
In twenty years, no one on earth
Will know, or even care.

But that I've helped my little ones
To noble adulthood grow,
In twenty years, the whole wide world
May look and see and know.

Okay, back to planning for me. This poem and my thoughts were just too much to keep to myself. I hope each of you with children are enjoying them today.

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