Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ending the Summer @ Sesame Place

We decided to end the summer with a fun trip to Sesame Place in PA. Anheuser Busch does a Hero Salute where military members can get in free to one of their parks. If you remember this post last year, we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Since Moriah loves Sesame Street, we decided to take her to Sesame Place where she can see all her pals. Part of the park is water play and part is the typical theme park rides, only geared to little ones. The only rides she couldn't do in the whole park were the roller coaster and big water slides. We loaded the kiddos in the car at 7:30 and headed out for the 2 1/2 hour car ride. They did great! Levi slept most of the way and Moriah watched Elmo on her DVD player (thanks Mom and Dad!).
She loved the rides at Disney in June so we thought she would be thrilled to ride on Elmo and Big Bird theme ones. Boy were we wrong. She was terrified of most of them. She wanted to go but once it got started she would freak out and cry. As soon as it was over she would scream, "Yay, I did it!" It was sweet to see her conquer her fears. We also thought she would enjoy seeing "real" ELmo and friends. Once again, we were wrong. She really liked seeing them on stage, in the parade and from afar, but if we got close to them the freak out began. Then we would walk away or the show or parade would end and she would be asking where they went. She wanted them to be around and she wanted to talk to them just not up close. She liked running around a five and under play area. It was cute watching her do laps and say, "I'm coming!" The sky threatened to rain on us all day but it never did. I was glad that it was overcast because it saved us from the glare of the sun all day. The weather was perfect!
Over all it was a very fun and well worth it. Just seeing Moriah have a blast at the shows and playing in the play areas was well worth the trip. We finished out the day at Cheeburger Cheeburger and then had a pit stop at Sonic to get shakes for dessert. We just couldn't pass one and not stop (we don't have a Sonic near us). It was an exhausting but fun day!
Levi is teething, can you tell?
So proud after the ride.
She was SO scared! But she LOVED Dumbo at Disney not two months ago and this was the same ride just Elmo. We didn't get it.
Being chased by a boy in the "Big Bird Nest." It was cute. He would chase her and then copy what she was doing. She seemed oblivious to his pursuit.
We went to Elmo's World Live show and you would have thought Moriah was in heaven. She adored seeing him and Mr. Noodle.
Watching the Parade from Zack's shoulders, Moriah didn't miss a thing.
Being Lazy in Big Bird's Rambling River.
I think her favorite ride. It's the only one she asked to do again.
"I love you Cookie Monster." Were her words but her actions said, "STAY BACK!"


  1. loved this post, looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Wow, Amy! I haven't checked out your blog for awhile and seeing that picture of Levi was great! He has personality now! And I think he looks like Zack. I wish I could meet him! Love you!