Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caring for the Crying

Something I have been thinking about the last few weeks is how to really care for those who are hurting or in need. I loved how community oriented camp is and how through working at camp I was able to be a part of something that was really reaching out to others. I don't even think that it matters if those being helped are christians or not, we are called to take care of them. There is totally a balance (I need to take care of my family too, or we would fall into the needy category a ton more often than we already do!). Anyway, we are so blessed to have friends who always seem available to help us out with anything and everything. I want to be that to them too, as well as reach out to those I may not even know. I am still looking for ways to do that and praying about how I can be used in that way.
Needless to say Moriah is catching the vision too! She loves taking care of her crying brother. What I mean by this is Levi will be playing nicely (on his bouncie, in the jumpie, or on the floor) and Moriah comes along and makes him cry. I'm talking she takes his toy, pulls out his pacie and just does things (not in a hateful manner) that will make him upset. She layed on him (trying to give him love ) this afternoon. As soon as he starts crying the mothering and caring kicks in. She begins to bring him toys, his lovie, try giving him his pacie and says soothing words ("It's ok baby Levi. I know baby. I love you baby Levi..."). She even sings to him. He was crying tonight and she began mixing songs together and this is what she came up with "Patty cake, patty cake a best friend, roll it roll it and give to him. Yay best friend!!" It was so adorable! Zack and I just cracked up and told her what a great big sister she is. Levi thinks so too, even though he puts up with a lot from her. He smiles and laughs so easily for her. She loves him with a genuine love that is so pure and full. I think he can tell she just wants him to cry so she can have the opportunity to love on him.
I was reflecting on it and I think I am like her. I don't purposefully upset others but I know I do it. I want to look for ways to care for the crying out there. Whether it was me who made them cry or not because that is what I am called to do.


  1. I love the Father's heart of mercy, and I love seeing His expression of that mercy through you and Moriah. Thanks for blogging again! :-)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad to read about your family again :-)

    Moriah is the CUTEST and I'm super glad to get to watch this part of her growing up.