Friday, November 7, 2008

How Does She Know?

Today I am in my room finishing blow drying my hair, something I rarely get to each day.  Moriah is happy playing in my room and her room and seems to be going back and forth freely, which is totally fine with me, I just needed a couple more minutes to be finished.  All the sudden I hear...nothing.  So my mom radar goes off.  I know she isn't sleeping so if I hear nothing I am positive it is one of two things going on.  She has either stopped breathing or is doing something she knows she isn't supposed to do.  I turn the corner to discover her in her closet with a box of tissues.  She is taking them all out and tearing them up.  First, I must stop myself from laughing and telling her how cute she is, because she totally is!  I must focus on the fact that she knows she isn't supposed to be playing with tissues and she has chosen to disobey.  I then have a heart to heart with my one year old about obedience.  She seems unflustered by the whole event and goes about her playing.  

I am so glad I only had to clean up tissues today, well, I have to clean up tissues today (they are still on the floor in her room where she is currently sleeping, I'll get to them later).  Anyway, she could have easily been into the flour or something much messier or dangerous.  What I want to know is how does she know, at one year old, that she needs to be quiet when disobeying?  Who taught her that?  This is a topic I have been thinking on for the past week after discussing it with my cousin.  I can only come to one conclusion: My baby is a little sinner.  It is in her DNA to disobey.  I didn't have to teach her to be quiet, sneak and get into things.  I have to teach her to obey and not touch things that aren't for her.  

It is sometimes frustrating trying to mold her and get her to obey, even in the little things like tissues.  It would be far easier to just let her go to town and rip the tissues up, after all what is it hurting, right?  But it would be hurting her.  I would be failing to teach her boundaries and to obey.  I have already told her not to touch the tissues so if I just let it slide, how would that benefit her?  In the long run it would make things so much harder for me to get her to obey.  Anyone else have any thoughts?  Anyone willing to answer differently?  How does she know to be quiet when she disobeys?  Where does she learn that behavior?

Meanwhile enjoy some adorable pictures of my little tissue lover.

 Fleeing the scene of the crime...


  1. I have to say I basically agree with your comments. I did want to say though, Moriah looks just like Zack in this picture.

    Also, thanks for spending time with Kaylyn and Aven. Kaylyn was very appreciative of the opportunity and she learned a lot from you and was convicted a bit about how we parent. Thank you for being a good example and having a sweet heart that allows you to teach without being overbearing.

    Love you guys,