Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, this week has just crawled by really.  Moriah is sick, thus making everyone in our house so tired.  She does ok during the day but as soon as she goes down for the night the body wrenching coughs start.  My poor baby wakes up about 3 times in the night just coughing and coughing until she vomits.  Then we begin the clean up process and putting her back down.  I think the past 5 or 6 nights the most sleep I have gotten in one night is 6 hours, of course not consecutively.  Between the midnight showers to get vomit out of my hair and the soothing a sick baby, there isn't much solid sleep going on at our house.  

The doctor seems to think it is just allergies since she isn't showing any signs of infection.  Her lungs are clear and she hasn't had a fever at all.  So, benadryl was recommended.  We tried it and it scared me so badly!  Moriah zonked out so hard from the meds that she slept through coughing, vomiting, being cleaned and changed and her bedding being changed.  I totally couldn't sleep the rest of the night for fear of her throwing up again in her sleep and choking on it.  People die from aspirating!  She wont be having benadryl again any time in the near future.

Nothing seems to help.  We have tried cutting down her milk intake, humidifier, vick's baby chest rub, honey and lemon (which she promptly rejected and gaged), propping her head up, etc...  We are at a loss of how to help or little girl feel better and get over this whole coughing thing.  Anyone have any ideas?  They would be well received!  For now I am going to get started folding the mound of laundry that has accumulated from all the night time (and a few daytime) sickness and pray for some relief for my little Mo tonight, right now preferably.  

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  1. Oh, you poor things. There is nothing worse than a sweet little sick baby. Did I see that you tried a humidifier? Of course, try to keep her little throat moist with room temp. drinks....cold seizes up the throat.
    Is your mold situation taken care of do you think?
    I will definitely commit this to prayer.