Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Weekend Ever, and still going...

The past few days have been so much fun. Just a quick run down...
Saturday we had a wonderful family breakfast at Chick-fil-a. We then dropped Moriah off at a friends and Zack and I had a much needed adult date day. It was WONDERFUL! Major thanks to Jen for keeping our baby while we had some time together. We saw a movie (Eagle Eye, very good) and strolled the mall. Two totally peaceful activites that were so relaxing. We then proceeded to dinner at Houlihan's. Just the thought of eating without rushing and stopping to feed a toddler or entertain her was so appealing.  When the food came I decided I had a new favorite restaurant, it was DELICIOUS!!!
Sunday was a surprise girls day. Zack watched Moriah and I got to spend some girl time chatting over lunch, shopping and getting Starbucks. Another totally relaxing day that concluded with seeing my dad. He came up for business and stopped in for dessert and a quick hi.
Today I started the day off with a nice, but cold walk. Then I spent some precious time with my friend Kaylyn and her baby Aven. It was so good to see them and see Aven and Moriah interact. They didn't really play together but I had fun chatting with Kay. It is always good to get another mom's perspective on things and trade info and ideas. Kay lives down south so we only get to chat in person a couple times a year. I cherish the time!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day so Zack isn't working.  We have a family day planned but we aren't sure what we will be doing yet.  I can't wait to spend the whole day just the three of us hanging out and being a family.  No time schedule, no chores tomorrow, just being together.  SO EXCITING!  I will post on Wednesday what we ended up doing.

I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine was, and really continues to be...

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