Friday, April 1, 2011

Making Baby Food

For all three of my kids I have made their baby food. There are several benefits to doing this. The top two are; it saves TONS of money and I know exactly what goes into my babies bellies. Many mommies I know feel intimidated at the very mention of making baby food. I have to admit that I was among those mommies when Mo was little. Thankfully I found this website.  I also found great ways to make the process easier.  Now all I need is a nap time (1 1/2 hours) twice a month and I have enough baby food to feed my baby Se.

Here is a peek at how I make peaches: 

One bag of thawed frozen peaches
Pour them in a food processor and blend until desired consistency is met.  (Water can be added if needed)
Place in ice cube trays, muffin pans, cupcake pans-whatever is handy.

Freeze, then pop out and place in zip lock baggies clearly labeled with contents and date (behind the tray-I store mine in one big tupperware so they are easy to find).

For veggies, I use the microwavable bags. (Money saving tip: I buy them on sale at $0.78 a bag and each bag makes 6-8 meals.  Tons of savings compared to buying baby food jars!)  Just pop the bag in the microwave for 5 minutes, puree and freeze. It is SO very easy. Hope this encourages those mommies out there like me that it is possible to make your own baby food without spending hours and hours laboring in the kitchen while your littles run a muck around your house. If I can do it, you can too! And don't forget to check out  Not only do they have great recipes for making your own baby food, but wonderful advice on what order to introduce solids, allergy information and exactly what nutritious things are packed into each and every bite you give your little one.


  1. It is SO easy...I really don't know why everyone doesn't do it. I had the little hand grater to even take to a restaurant with us. Simple!!

  2. Oh, what a great tip Aunt Cheryl! I never thought about that. That is SO easy!

  3. Do you know which one I'm talking about. I think they are still out there. It has a hand crank. That thing went everywhere with me. So simple.


    This is what it looked like.

  5. Yes! I actually have one, I just never thought to take it to restaurants. That would make things so much simpler. =)

  6. My brother cooks Israeli couscous and mixes it with small veggies or tomato sauce (when they can have it) to make baby spaghetti. The couscous is small enough to swallow and I think healthier than normal pasta. He might only cook it 3/4 of the way so he can freeze it and then it finishes cooking when you warm it up.

  7. Thanks Amy. I'm almost there with Landon and your encouragement is great.