Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last night we were getting ready to say our prayers and Mo did something quite amazing.
Mo and L are taking over  using my brother Jay's room and he decorated it with Chick-fil-a posters.  You know, the GIANT cow posters they have in the restaurant?  Well, my kids just love them.  They all have writing on them.  Cute sayings for different seasons to try and convince you to eat more chicken!
Mo decided during bedtime that she wanted to name the letters on the posters.  There was no prompting from me, she did all this on her own.

Mo: (after randomly naming letters) B-O-S-S, what does B-O-S-S spell, mom?
Me: What do the letters say?  (And I pointed to each letter)
Mo: Buh-Ah-Suh-Suh, like suh-nake!
Me: Very good, now say their sounds faster
Mo: Buh-Ah-Suh-Suh, boss!  It says boss!
Me: You just read your first word!!!

And then we did an excited dance and my big girl daughter beamed from all the praise.  Then of course she had to run down stairs and tell Nana, Papa and Uncle Nate.  And then wanted to read all the word on all the posters before going to bed.  I can't believe my 3 year old read her first word and that it was completely of her own initiative.

My Smart Mo,
You have yet to stop amazing me and I have every idea that it will be this way for the rest of your life.  You are such a bright girl and you have a sweetness about you that just makes me thrilled to be your momma.  Never lose your love for learning, it is a trait you are so blessed to have.
And don't think I am not lost on the first word you chose to read.  I know you like to be in charge, and it is no surprise that you would pick your own time (not durning our "school" time) to read for the first time and that you would read, "BOSS!"
I love you SO very much!


  1. Awesome! Yay, M!

    I miss you, Amy! When are you coming home?