Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just For Today

So yesterday was hectic and rough. My kiddos were well behaved for the most part but we just had one of those run around days where it seems you get things done but at the same time get nothing done at home. Poor Levi has had two mornings in a row where he has missed his morning nap entirely. Unfortunately, I have paid dearly for that at night. (Isn't it funny how that works? Less sleep for babies and toddlers during the day = less sleep for them at night.) So I had decided last night that we would stay home for the day today so he can catch up on sleep. I had big plans to get all the stuff around my house that I neglected yesterday done today.
Funny, how your mind can be changed by one e-mail. Before retiring for the night last night I got a reminder about a group a moms who were meeting at Olive Garden for lunch today to have soup, salad and breadsticks. It only took a moment for me to reply, "YES!"
Just for today I am throwing my house responsibilities to the wind. I have laundry in various stages all about my house. Some waiting to be put away, some wait to be folded, some waiting to be dried and some waiting to be washed. I have dirty dishes in the sink (and on the counter) and a dishwasher full of clean ones waiting to be placed in their proper spot. There are toys scattered throughout the house and a pile of "stuff" waiting to be taken care of by the front door from when I cleaned out the car yesterday. But all of that can wait.
Just for today we are having nothing but FUN! We still stayed home this morning and played and relaxed. Levi is currently taking his much needed morning nap. I actually showered, got dressed, put on make-up and did my hair. Moriah was happy to chill with me while I took some time for myself. She likes watching me put on my "nake-up." In an hour we will be meeting those other moms and their kids and have some fun at lunch (at least that's the plan). Just for today we will snuggle on the couch, play games and just be together. I think it is good for all three of us to have a day every once in a while.
Now tomorrow...that is another story. We will go back to life-grocery store, laundry, cleaning- will all resume. Just not for today!

Fun things Moriah has said while snuggling me as I I have been writing this:
"You hair is beautiful!" (That's because I actually took time to blow it dry!)
"Your hair is wild." (After she messed with it)
"I like these." (Referring to the earrings I never wear)
"You want your glasses?" (I took time to put in my contacts today and she is just not used to seeing me with out my glasses.)
"Can I say hi to your baby? Hi baby! I love you!" (and she lifted my shirt and kissed my belly)
"I'm blowing my hair dryer, you want to blow your hair dryer?" (She was using her juice cup as a blow dryer, good thing it is leak proof!)

Hope you are enjoying the day too!

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