Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a GIRL!!

There is so much to catch up on but I just couldn't wait to share this news:

We are going to have a baby girl in August!

It was so great today to see her and find out that our sweet gummy bear is a girl. We are still talking about names but are just SO EXCITED!!! The ultrasound went well. Our little girl looked healthy and was extremely active. She really made the tech work for all the measurements. The only thing she cooperated on right away was showing us she was a girl! No question about that. We have a few years to work on modesty... At the end we were able to see her in 3D and she was just beautiful. She was done being looked at though and put her arm and hand up in front of her face. I can't wait to kiss her cheeks!!!

We came home and showed Moriah the pictures and told her she was going to have a baby sister. She got really excited and started telling us some crazy names for her. Levi is too little to get it but he seemed happy when we were talking =)

I am 21 weeks now and feeling pretty good. I think I am in that "babymoon" period between the morning sickness and being uncomfortable, and I am going to enjoy every minute of this part of pregnancy.

I'll be back later to catch up on our FL trip and Levi's first birthday. For now I am going to just enjoy the blissful excitement of our news!! (I had to restrain myself this afternoon from going through all of Moriah's baby clothes, that is how excited I am.)

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  1. YAYYYY!!

    Speaking of crazy names, some of Ella's names for her baby sister are Vidia - the mean fairy on Tinkerbell, Ella and Cupcake.