Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In

Just gorgeous!

Yesterday was the prettiest day. We got to watch snow fall so softly all day long. It accumulated to be quite a bit of snow. Possibly the most snow I can ever remember at one time. (I say remember because when I was little I lived in Iceland...there was bound to be a few big snow storms there.)
Anyway, the snow made it really so gorgeous outside but inside we had a rough day. Quick run down; the sickies reared their ugly head at Zack and I, Levi cried for a lot of the day, Riley ate a poopy diaper (smearing poop all over Levi's carpet) and Moriah puked all over herself and I (right after bath time). So we didn't get to play in the snow as much as we wanted.
Praying that we have a better day today because it is still SO BEAUTIFUL outside! I'll post pictures of our sledding adventure this afternoon so stay tuned for part two of our "snowed in" weekend.
Digging us out. It was up to his thighs and still coming down!

Venturing out
Levi wasn't all that impressed.

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  1. levi looks pleased in this pic... or, at least at this size he does. So cute! miss you, Friends!