Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Little Momma

Now that Moriah is used to having Levi around, she copies my every move.  She likes to feed her baby with her sippy, then she will put a blanket on her shoulder and tell the baby to burp.  She also loves to try and buckle her baby in the car seat, rock it in the swing, feed it in her high chair, and push it around in her stroller.  It makes me laugh to see the things she says to her baby and how she cares for her.  I love that she is such a little mother already.  I am waiting for the day that she tries nursing her baby doll.  I know it just a matter of time.  She gets very curious when I nurse and is concerned for me.  She points and says, "Bite?"  She thinks Levi is biting me so I have to tell her every time that he is eating.  It cracks me up!


  1. I Love it when they copy mothering....nothing more precious!

  2. So cute! I'm really happy for you!