Saturday, April 4, 2009

Levi's First Bath

Levi liked his first bath.  I thought his cord would never fall off.  I have been dying to give him a proper bath for two weeks now!  It final came off and so we got to give him a good cleaning.  Once, the initial shock of being wet was over he enjoyed being in the warm water.  Moriah stood next to me the whole time watching him bathe, she doesn't want to miss a thing!  Of course, Levi did use his hose while he was bathing...what little baby boy hasn't?  We are starting to get used to his sprays during diapering.  Man, boys are VERY different than girls, but we love them both SO MUCH!  


  1. I can't even remember the number of times I said to Christopher, "Mommy is SO sorry she let you pee in your mouth. That will never happen again!"

    But it did.

  2. We got your baby announcement! So precious! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful family.