Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rice Cooker Success

Last night was just awesome.  Thankfully my rice cooker worked (thanks to a tip from Tanya) and everyone was healthy enough to come (the flu has been running rampant here).  We ate and fellowshiped and the kiddos played.  When bed time came around our house turned into the sleep zone.  We have three bedrooms and so we separated the kids and put them down and had grown up time!  It was such a blessing to just sit around and chat and not worry about this baby crawling there, this one running there, or Moriah fussing.  Time totally got away from us because we were just having so much fun hanging out and before you knew it, the clock struck 12!  I don't think I have stayed up that late since before I became pregnant with Moriah.  It was so fun.  I am really tired today (Moriah decided that 5:30 AM was a good time to wake up) but I still feel refreshed.  Sorry, I know I said I would post pictures but in all the hostessing and fun I forgot.  I hope you enjoyed your Friday as much as I did!     

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