Friday, March 7, 2008

Family Fellowship Fridays

God has blessed us with some great Christian friends. About a month ago I was talking with one of them and we decided that every Friday we should get together as families and fellowship as believers. I was thrilled by this idea and have enjoyed spending time with our friends and their kids.
Here's what one wrote in an e-mail to sum up the purpose of the night:
"I just thought that if we could have a night a week off from cooking at home and getting in some adult conversation with some encouragment in the Lord, it would be good for the soul."

Tonight it is my turn to be hostess and the theme is ASIAN! Now, we have a rice cooker and frozen stir fry veggies so what could go wrong, right? Well, last night I tried out the rice cooker and it didn't cook the rice! I am VERY nervous that I will have 14 people over tonight and NO FOOD! Ahh! So I am going to try it again today and pray that it works properly this time.
This morning I am cleaning up a storm getting the house ready (thankfully we keep it pretty straightened during the week so there isn't that much to do) and hoping the chicken thaws and praying that the rice cooker functions properly. I will take some pictures tonight and post them later. I hope you are enjoying your Friday!


  1. I and I'm also going to speak for Laurie when I say this, miss your good cooking- We were just commenting on it this last week when we had bible study. I hope the evening went well.

  2. That is so sweet! I miss cooking together.