Thursday, April 15, 2010

Professional Photos

We recently got our pictures taken in a portrait studio (JC Penney's-can't beat the $3.99 a sheet coupon!). I have to say I LOVE the pictures that Zack takes of our kids. Capturing them enjoying life is so much better than a posed shot in my opinion but sometimes you just want those milestone classic pictures (and a family shot where BOTH kids are looking at the camera!). The trip to get pictures started out well. Levi just woke up from a nap so he was rested and Moriah was happy to be in her pretty dress. As soon as the camera came out my kids acted CRAZY! Moriah kept giving the photographer mean looks and Levi kept crying. Zack and I did our best to distract and try to get a few good shots. Then Moriah opened the stool prop up and whacked Levi in the head, marking the official end of operation photo shoot. Levi was hysterical and had a big red mark on his head so we called it a day and just picked the best of what they already took. My only regret is that we didn't get one of Levi know the big 1 year milestone. Oh well...we were lucky to get out of there without major meltdowns. Here is the best of the worst photo shoot ever!

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  1. This is a LOT like our first (and only trip) to JC Penny for professional photos. Yours turned out very well for such craziness!!