Friday, January 8, 2010

Many Sayings of Mo

Typical things I hear come from my two year old's mouth every day. Keeps me laughing that is for sure!

"Momma, I am very frustrated." (About what I am not sure. She was saying this while on the pretend phone)

"Daddy is going poopoo on the big girl potty. He gets shockalate!"

"Hey Levi! What's wrong bruddah? Wants some milk? There you go. It's ok, I know, I know."

"Oh Momma, you have such pretty hair."

"Ooo, that is a nice phone."

"Momma, you are absolutely right!"

"Riley, sit down. Obey your mudder!" (Riley is our dog.)

"My pants are falling down!"

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for beans and my princess tent."

"Momma, can you snuggle us both, together?"

"I need a peanut butter spoon."

"No, no, no baby Levi."

(While playing with her friend)"Abby, no screaming. Go to time out, right now!" (And Abby went!)

(While driving, I put the breaks on quickly) "Whoa! Bad driving, Momma."

"My baby has a poopy diaper. She needs milk. Shh, she's sleeping."

"I wanna have a picnic."

"Whoop. Snows! Oooo, it's chilly out here."

"I broke my thumb." (Her thumb didn't go into the right place in her gloves.)

"That's ridiculous!"

"Where's my stethoscope?"

And one of my favorites:
"Hey Momma. I have an idea."

"You do? What is it Moriah?"

"Let's go on a hairplane to FL to see Nana and Papa."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea little one, but it just isn't possible right now."

"Are Nana and Papa coming to MD?"

"Yep, they sure are."

As you can tell, we watch what we say around her very carefully. She repeats everything.


  1. Thank you so much, Amy for sharing all the adorable comments. Just love them~!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is hilarious and clever...and adorable. I pray she doesn't pick up too much of Zack's sarcasm, although, I think it might be a little late... ;-)